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We apologize up front that we were not able to get everyone's picture.
CORVETTE CORNER STOCK MUSCLE: Sparky Lotich took the win in Stock Muscle. Dana Butth went red for instant runner up status.
DRIVE AUTO APPEARANCE STREET MUSCLE: Jack Warbus got the win in Street Muscle thanks to a red light by runner up Twila Henderson. Check out the reaction times - Jack was .054 green, Twila was -.054 red.
PRO WELDING SUPER MUSCLE: David Huffman - who won here last year - had the better light and made it two wins in a row. Car BC69 - sorry, missing that name - had to settle for runner up, having given David a good tenth lead on the start. David was 8.96 over an 8.70 dial, BC69 finished 8.95 over a 8.68.
ELITE ELECTRONICS KING MUSCLE: James Lee was .050 on the tree and ran 7.68 over a 7.65 dial to win King Muscle. Curtis Redmon broke out, running 7.941 under a 7.95 dial. That might have been to from trying to make up for the .140 light.
MIKE CARLSON MOTOR COMPANY PRO MUSCLE: Debbie Kelly was the winner in Pro, getting past Joshua Melton in the last round. Debbie went 7.45 over her 7.40 for the win. Joshua was farther off the dial and finished 7.54 over his 7.49.
BRAIN BODY CONNECTION OUTLAW MUSCLE: Robert Broom claimed the win in Outlaw, thanks to Maddie Evilsizer going way red. Last year in this same class it was Robert that got the red eye,
S & L PERFORMANCE SUPER PRO MUSCLE: Sambo Tyra put up some good numbers to win Super Pro. Sambo had a good .018 light and finished 5.700 over his 5.69 dial. Brody Tibbetts did the late light/break out shuffle with a .055 light and 6.60 under a 6.63 dial.
TEXAS TRAILERMAN ELECTRONICS: Brent Lancaster banged the tree with a .006 and finished one over 5.77 to a 5.76 for the win in Electronics. Bill Glock (pictured) was runner up. Bill had a decent .025 light but was farther off the dial at 6.76 against a 6.73.
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