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OUTLAW 330: This class is an all-out heads up .400 pro tree start and a dash to the 330' blocks. John Michael Stevens laid down the winning pass, clearing the 330' mark by about .1 over runner up Jace Head. This was Jace's first shot at Outlaw, so making the final was a great start. JMS was killer .014 on the tree and cleared the blocks with a 4.40 ET. Jace's reaction time was .077 and he finished 4.50. "Outlaw" is the right name, those times work out to around low 7s in the 660'. Not bad for a bunch of one lugger motors.
JR 7.90 INDEX: The 7.90 Index is run against a .500 Pro Tree. "Turbo" Ty Casey was handed the win thanks to a -.005 red light by runner up Blaze Wolford. Blaze had to go big anyway since Turbo had a great .018 light. Turbo finished 7.85 under the index and Blaze was just .02 over with a 7.92.
JR 8.90 INDEX: The 8.90 Index is run against a .500 Pro Tree. The ETs were close here but the race was won on the starting line. Winner Reagen Brookings had a .027 light and was 6 over 8.96 for the win. Runner up Mia Rhodes was 8 over at 7.969 but only managed a .067 light. WIth Reagen out about .05 in front, there may have been some dumping going on there..
JR 11.90 INDEX: The 11.90 Index is run against a .500 Pro Tree. Go ahead and make that four finals won on the start. Karmin Nelson had a great finish, hitting a .024 light and running on .01 over the index for the win. Runner Up Hayden Pennington finished 2 under at 11.88 but was a bit late with a .188 light. Sounds like Karmin was pretty sure of that dial.
JR BRACKET 330: Ethan Lade won Bracket 330 thanks to a huge - really - red light by Jalen Johnston. We're not even going to say the number. Must have sneezed or something.
JR ALL RUN: Arabella Maitland and "Turbo" Ty Casey both wanted that big check real bad. We're saying that because from the final ETs it looks like nobody lifted. Arabella took the win in a double breakout final, killing the tree with a .0019 light and finishing 7.997 under her 8.01 dial. Ty was .042 on the tree so was maybe a bit behind the whole way. He drove it out the back anyway, ending up 7.93 and way under his 8.00 dial.
JR TROPHY: Hayden Pennington claimed the win over Caden Keys thanks to Caden's barely pink -.0019 light.
JR 8-9 YR OLD: Caden Keys makes his first appearance in the Winner's Circle, getting the win after Aiden Alvarez went -.026 red in the final. Would have been a good race as Caden ran 11.93 under a 11.94 and Aiden finished at 11.87 under an 11.90. Racing in two finals and winning one, that makes for a really good day.
JR 10-12 YR OLD: Heads up 8.90 dials and all green lights here, so this race went down to the finish line. Rylie Trumble was the winner, hitting a .125 light and staying above his 8.90 dial with a 8.97 finish. Camron Neison II had a bit better .119 light but didn't ride the brake enough and broke out 8.889 under his dial.
JR 12-17 YR OLD: Conner Rivers took it to local favorite LJ Grissom in the 12-17 final, using a better light to win the round. Both cars finished over the dial. Conner ran 8.05 over an 8.00 and LJ was 7.95 over a 7.91. On the starting line it was all Conner with a .0013 light to LJ's .031. Sounds like LJ was watching tail lights most of the way down.
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