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13 SINS GARAGE NO-BOX/SPORTSMAN: I have been priviledged to write up the final round summaries at this track for 15 years. This one is at the same time the hardest and yet easily the most satisfying of that entire time. After a first round loss, Freddie Hillin bought back in. Finding the rememberance stickers that were available in the tower, Freddy put Walter on the windshield and together they rode all the way to the Winner's Circle. Freddy and Walter staged up against defending track NoE champion Benny Gossett in the final. Benny had won all his rounds up to this point. But you know where the Mojo is in this last round before it's even typed out. Freddy/Walter leave out with a .038 light and finish 6.46 over a 6.44 dial for the win. Benny is dead on 5.743 with a .077 light and just could not get there. Margin of Victory in the round was only .019. Seems everything is just how is should be. Sterling ordered the stickers from Danz Designs - Danny DeAnda.
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): The Boys with the Delay Boxes were on it today. The final pass between Riley Howard and Charles Baucum went all the way to the finish line for a decision. Riley took the win, scoring 7 straight round wins today and finishing with a .006 light and a dead on 5.757. Charles was no slacker, going .008 on the tree but ended up off the dial at 5.88 over a 5.86.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Keegan Acevedo didn't let a first round lost distract him from his game. Keegan went on to take the class win, getting past Paige Brewer in the Jr final. Paige was on the same streak, having also lost first round, bought back and then ending up in the final. Keegan killed the tree with a .007 light and coasted to a 7.96 over a 7.91 dial to win the round. Paige had a slower .079 light and ran it out the back to a break out 8.05 under her 8.08 dial. If you think you're behind, might as well put it to the wood. Everybody is always looking good at the track but if we had a Best Appearing, Paige and family would have taken top honors.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: The Motocycle final would have been a real close race, except for one small detail. Well, it was a big detail for runner up David Baugh since he went -0.014 red to foul out. Brent Forsman took the win with a .037 green light and a one over 6.19 over a 6.18 dial. David ran it out and was also one over, 5.85 against a 5.84 dial. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robbie Bowermaster's big diesel has at least 14 feet of rollout and he still manages to kill the tree with that beast. Robbie took the win in Street, using his better light to get past runner up Doug New in a real close final round. Robbie had a good .030 light and ended up two over 8.45 to his 8.43 dial. Doug was .052 on the start and broke out with a 8.22 under his 8.24 dial. The numbers say Doug got there first, but too fast in this business equals no score.
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