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 5601 W. Stamford
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 Abilene, TX

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BIG TIRE: Jared Winger drove around a lifting Monte Weaver to take the win in Big Tire. Monte left first but broke loose down track and Winger was able to squeak by for the win by not quite three hundreths. Based on Monte's other rounds, you'd have lost money on this one LOL.
Big Tire by Round
P. Weaver 212
Coan Sheffy
Winger Dickenson
M. Weaver 818
Baker Jost
Bennett Williams
Round 2
M. Weaver Coan
Baker P. Weaver
Winger Bennett
Round 3
M. Weaver Baker
Winger Bye
Round 4
Winger M. Weaver
LONGMIRE PLUMBING SMALL TIRE: A .400 light on instant green is just a smack down. That smack put Chase Kurszewski out in front and he never looked back. Runner up Terry Thompson nearly matched Chase on ET but gave up .07 on the tree and just could not close the gap.
Small Tire by Round
Thompson 1972
Ward Buckmost
Crich Jost
Wilobay Harvey
Baker Jost
Kurszewski Bye
Round 2
Kurszewski Wilobay
Thompson Crich
Ward Bye
Round 3
Kurszewski Ward
Thompson Bye
Round 4
Kurszewski Thompson
TAILGATE: Andy Reynolds in the flying red wagon had the light, ET and speed to grab the win in Tailgate. Runner up Jimmy Patton came out close to Andy but maybe had to feather the truck a bit as his final speed was off the mark. Both cars posted their quickest passes in the class rounds. Best for last, of course.
Tailgate by Round
Patton Crysler
Loewen Chittum
Reynolds Hall
Eisley Estess
Round 2
Patton Eisley
Reynolds Loewen
Round 3
Reynolds Patton
PRECISION TURF MANAGEMENT STREET TIRE: Suquet Poliard was another winner that uses a better light and quiker pass to score his win. Runner up Richard Wondrash had to watch Poliard's back bumper the whole way down to the stripe. You just gotta hate rounds like that.
Street Tire by Round
Wondrash Crysler
Poliard Reynolds
Round 2
Wondrash Jones
Poliard Bye
Round 3
Poliard Wondrash
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.