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Thanks to Division Director Trey Capps for the following information
OK, ET Finals info time. There are several updates with the new PC (Post Corona) events processes that we need to go over and understand. Please call me with any questions. Here are some bullet points about this yeas event. We are all looking forward to having a great weekend. Having a great weekend starts with you.
  1. Tech Card and Waiver links- Tech Cards and Waivers will all be online. You will need to send 2 links to all members of your team:


**TECH CARD LINK: https://bit.ly/D4ETFinals
**WAIVER LINK: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5f3c5b7d06e4a/web/

***These must be completed by the racers prior to arriving at the track. ***

  1. Team Spirit- The Team sprit this year will be judged on Pit Vehicle and Pit Area decoration.
  2. Dinner-The Texas Motorplex will host a dinner again on Saturday night more details about that will come at the event. They are working on a socially distance and individually prepared option for each person.
  3. Timeslips-Please give your team members the link for time slips. There will be no paper slips given out at this event.
>>> Timeslip app: Search (TM Slips App) on Apple or Android Stores <<<
  1. Golden Ticket-Each track will again this year receive one Golden Ticket. This ticket will be given to the team captain and can be used by one racer, on your team only, that is having issues and needs an extra time trial.
  2. Team Captain- Please assign a team captain, the race control will be closed. If you need anything at the event contact me or the Motorplex staff.
  3. Pro Footbrake- As discussed in the meetings, it is still Pro Footbrake
  4. Multiple Entries- As discussed in the meetings, one driver can drive 1 car in 2 classes for one team. The 2 classes are Super Pro and Pro Footbrake only. Not any other combination.
  5. Tech- As discussed in the meetings, each track manager is responsible for the Tech inspections and legality of each team car. Each racer will fill out an online tech card. NHRA tech staff will be onsite to perform safety compliance checks. Make sure your team cars will pass tech before they leave your facility.
  6. License and Memberships-please ensure that all your team members have current license and memberships prior to the event. We will process them at the event and there will be an additional fee to have that service provided at the event.
  7. Jr Street and High School- As discussed in the meetings, no race cars.  Jr Street participants make sure they have the correct car on their license that they are competing in. High School also needs license and membership (minimum level 7).
  8. Packets for Team Captions, Ben will have a packet set up for you containing:
    -Team code letters, ROC, High School, Jr Street, and Mangers Tech Cards.

-Run cards for you team, make sure pass out a run card to your team

  1. 13. Payout -W-9’s need to be submitted to the Texas Motorplex, w9@texasmotroplex.com
    If your need w-9 use https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

We all look forward to the event and hope you all come for a good time. If you have any questions let me know. 


Trey Capps
NHRA South Central Division
Division Director
469-248-0014 Office
469-248-0024 Fax